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Shopihaulic Mini Sport Action Camera

Shopihaulic Mini Sport Action Camera

Shopihaulic Mini Sport Action Camera

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This camera is unlike anything out on the market! It is engineered so that you can capture footage anytime and anywhere.

It's Waterproof, Drop-Proof, Wearable, Magnetic, and Multi-Scene.

The device is designed with a compact body that can be magnetically carried, strapped to your wrist, or placed in a fixed location. Stop being limited by average cameras, this camera makes it so you can always capture the perfect moment!

Features and Benefits WATERPROOF The entire device is built to be deeply waterproof, you are able to record video footage while it's completely submerged in water! LIGHTING Has an H62 sensor, that can activate a low light mode making it possible for you to capture high-quality footage at night.

LENS Features 5 photosensitive lens, made with A+ quality glass, that adjusts the amount of light being captured for consistently clear images.

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