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Staymax Matte Liquid Lipstick

Staymax Matte Liquid Lipstick

Staymax Matte Liquid Lipstick

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Newest STAYMAX MATTE LIPINK glide over your lip as aqua for kissably-soft smooth with a lightweight formula. Featuring with an ultra-matte finish but non-dry. Longstay with highly pigmented in buildable and water-proof wear. All-day moisturize and nourish your lip with jojoba seed oil , carrot extract and vitamin E. Built-in curved applicator effecting in more precision to fit your lip.

14 Shades :

#1 Bali - neutral nude

#2 Saipan - bright coral

#3 Fiji - faded rose

#4 Mauritius - nude orange

#5 Santorini - dark plum

#6 Tahiti - dusty pink

#7 Hawaii - salmon

#8 Phuket - nude pink

#9JERSEY-dark magenta purple

#10BORACAY-warm dark brown

#11SICILY-light warm peachy nude

#12JEJU-soft nude pink

#13SUMATRA-bright red

#14MADAGASCAR-deep bold cherry red

Feature: 1. ultra-matte finish but non-dry

2. waterproof &longlasting

3.moisturize and nourish lip

4. lightweight formula for kissably-soft smooth

5. curved applicator in more precision and fitness

How to use :

1.Apply with a built-in curved applicator or pro lip brush from the center of the lips outwards to shape your lip for a precise and perfectly applied lip.

2.Lightweight liquid texture easy to apply for comfortable and buildable wear.

Ingredients: -JOJOBA SEED OIL -CARROT EXTRACT -TOCOPHEROL (vitamin E) This formula never makes your lips feel dry or icky. In fact, they always feel hydrated and supple. Moisturize and nourish your lips all day.

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